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Blue Feather Arts Studio

Debbie Siegel, MA

Psychology + Child Development + Expressive Arts

Cloverdale + Healdsburg 

Sonoma County, California



...healing the heart through art...


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The Art + Dream + Symbol Studio offers an expressive arts online studio.  The art process allows for an avenue of self exploration and discovery. You will identify and learn ways to release past trauma, to regain focus, to calm the internal chaos and allow yourself to tap into your emotions in a safe creative place. Exploration of the creative unconscious will allow for individual growth as you explore your own art, dreams and their symbols on this journey. Through  symbolic work, guided meditation and the art process, you will  begin to understand and  heal your heart through art. This one-one-one experience explores dreams, journaling, symbolic writing and engage in the collage process. Through this exploration and somatic experience you will learn techniques to free the layers of emotional memory. You will begin to release + discover new pathways and tools as a continued source of inspiration and express your personal truth in a safe supportive space.
Contact + Rates: here
Materials: access to the internet + journal + pen. A suggested materials list will be provided.



2023 Currently Attending: Relational Skills Trauma Certificate Program, Somatopia
2020 Certificated: Somatic Approaches to Healing Trauma, Somatopia

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