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Non-Toxic All Natural Cleaners

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Blue Feather Organics (BFO), a small local maker offering organic products + goods

since 2009 in Sonoma County, California near the Russian River and Lake Sonoma.

I am inspired by the beauty of our lakes + rivers and created a line of organic soaps + cleaners + skin care  that are biodegradable + support clean water.

BFO proprietors' blend brings together the healing aspect of essential oils such as lavender + tea tree  or tangerine + organic ingredients that enhance your sensory experience.   I have a great love for sailing and a continued passion for supporting clean water. Together we make a difference using glass containers that  you can reuse + repurpose + recycle. BFO an organic line of products + goods for your home + boat + camping.  

BFO was born out of a collection of my life experiences + liquid love in a bottle. Handcrafted, I created an organic line of products "safe for all our rivers and lakes".


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