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Blue Feather Baby Whisperer

Debbie Siegel, MA

Early Childhood Specialist + Certified Day Doula

Cloverdale + Healdsburg 

Sonoma County, California


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I provide care, in your home, for newborns up to age two as an Early Childhood Specialist + Certified Postpartum Doula. I am available for part time, full time, short term care during the day and evening.  I believe my experience, dedication, intuition and passion is a gift. I would like to share this with your family.​ I offer a holistic approach to child care.

I hold a masters degree from Sonoma State University, California in Psychology, Child Development  + Creative Arts. My educational background is deeply rooted in a natural approach that incorporates the RIE + Reggio philosophies of parenting.  I enjoy setting up engaging learning environments that encompass the elements of how children truly learn through a nurturing routine, respect, support, curiosity, experimentation, research, collaboration, exposure to nature and love.

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When you book a service you will receive 

BFO hand made products that support clean water + wellness.

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